New Seasons Bring New Wedding Inspiration


As we are heading into fall season- which will just as quickly become winter- there is a dose of new wedding inspiration that comes to life. No, you don’t have to have maroon bridesmaids dresses for fall, or a blue and white winter wonderland theme. There is so much more that you can do to incorporate the season into your wedding.

Think about these things:

CLOTHING can make your look feel relevant. Bridesmaids getting ready in flannel button ups or pjs? Yes, please. And for the bride, some of the classiest brides that I have seen are wearing a faux fur shrug or carrying a muff (instead of a bouquet.) Grooms can really step up their game with a maroon and black tux or navy separates. You could also both stay warm with matching monogrammed or customized leather/jean jackets.

FOOD is a great way to tie in seasonal details. For fall, you could serve pumpkin pie at the reception or have a candy bar with candy corn. For winter, have a hot chocolate bar or serve peppermint tea/liquor. And don’t forget about your cake flavor and design—incorporate the season into the color, style, and even your cake topper.

DECOR is a given, but don’t feel like it needs to be too literal. Think beyond colors. Use textures like soft velvet or glam feathers. Patterns like leaves or snowflakes can also bring the season to life. And if you’re showcasing photos of you two (like from an engagement shoot), make sure to plan ahead and take some seasonally-relevant photos together. For example, even if you’re doing a spring shoot, you could bring some scarves or blankets for a few extra shots to share while at the big day.

FLOWERS that grow successfully year-round or specifically in this part of the calendar year will be a lot easier to obtain. (Do this research before you dream up your flower details! Here’s a great link from The Knot. According to their guide, Chrysanthemums peak in fall and the Calla Lily can be a good flower choice for Winter, for example.)

FAVORS can help send your guests home with a small piece of the season. From s’more kits, mittens, to snow globes, you could do some really fun things with favors.

Lastly, know that you don’t have to incorporate any seasonal components if you don’t want to. If you’ve had a vision of what you want in your mind and it doesn’t completely match the time of year, do it anyways. Pastel in November, why not? Hot apple cider in spring? If you want. Don’t force yourself into a box that is bound by the calendar, but know that you can still use the time of year to your advantage.

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My Top Social Media Wedding Tips

7-18-2017 5-30-31 PM

Within the last decade, the usage of social media for wedding planning and sharing memories from your wedding day, have increased exponentially. Here are my top tips on how to use social media throughout wedding season.

BEFORE: Consider a wedding hashtag and encourage your guests to use it by printing it on your wedding invitation and putting it on display in key places of your wedding. It can be something silly, romantic, or straight forward, just make sure it isn’t popular already because your feed will be mixed with photos of other weddings! Can’t think of one? Hashtag generators are super helpful! My favorites are from Wedding Wire and Shutterfly. A bonus: come up with one early enough and start to use it during your pre-wedding activities like the Bridal Shower, then ALL of your wedding content will be in one place!

DURING: Have a member of your bridal party take one photo of you and your spouse right after the ceremony and have them post it to your social media pages (from your account.) This ensures that most people will see the first wedding photo come from you, instead of the 50 images that will tag you posted by your guests (including some that are likely unflattering!)

AFTER: Sign out of your social media accounts during your honeymoon! Your phone will be blowing up with notifications from your social channels for days following your wedding with comments. By signing out, you can truly enjoy your time with your new spouse. The kind notes from loved ones will be waiting for you once you get back home, and they’ll allow you an opportunity to look back on your big day all over again. (Even better? Turn off your phone completely during the honeymoon!)

In this new day, choose to use social media how you best see fit, but don’t let it get in the way of being present in the moment throughout your wedding festivities.

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Spring Wedding Ideas from Pinterest

I have a little (or a big) Pinterest-addiction. My GWADR Pinterest account consists of over 10k pins! To build on my blog last week with 5 Reasons to Have a Spring Wedding, I thought it’d be nice to feature one of my Spring-related wedding boards, Wedding Theme: Spring Pastels. Here are a few of the highlights, visit my Pinterest for more.

Spring Wedding SignSpring Wedding Table DecorWedding CenterpieceSpring Wedding Ideas

Spring Wedding Bridesmaid StyleSpring Wedding Ceremony Decor

Unique Ceremony Exit Toss

Spring Wedding Dessert Ideas

Unique Wedding Favor

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Wedding Tips from a Newlywed: Q&A with Bride, Amanda

Amanda Fox (previously Margedant) is a newlywed. Her wedding photos are still being framed, thank you cards are being addressed, and the couple just hosted the first party in their new home! As with all brides, she has some really special memories, along with a few things that she might have done differently, so I wanted to sit down with her to learn more.


What’s the biggest piece of advice you have for the newly engaged woman?

Everyone will ask you, “when is the big day?” It’s ok to not have a date yet. You can simply reply, my husband-to-be and I are still deciding when it’s right for us.

How did you create your wedding planning timeline?

Many of the vendors that I hired had a typical timeline document and I was able to get a copy from 2 of our vendors and merge/edit to our liking. The event coordinator at the venue was the best person to run the timeline as she knew the venue’s in’s and out’s.

Was there something that surprised you about the wedding planning process?

I was surprised how easy but time-consuming the entire process was.

For the most part I was calm throughout the entire process. On the day of, my bridesmaid helped keep my nerves down by keeping me distracted and occupied.


What role did your now-Husband Jay play in the planning process?

Jay was super planner fiancé, each night we would try to get 2-3 things done in the last 3 months of our engagement. Some nights we would divide and conquer and other nights we would work together on projects. A few of the details I found he didn’t think were necessary, these I took care of behind the scenes (ribbon color, fonts on the invites, etc.). This worked well as he was very engaged in things like the music and food.

What was the most stressful part for you?

Bridesmaid dress shopping….trying to get five girls to agree on one dress was by far the biggest challenge of the wedding planning process.


How did your wedding vision end up coming together?

I chose a venue that had gardens, waterfalls and a victorian house. By having the gardens and waterfall on site, I was able to stress less by not having to arrange decorations. This option fit my timeline best!

The location was one of the biggest parts of our wedding (or any event) running smoothly. While Jay and I were off taking photos or talking to people we knew that the staff was taking care of our guests. It’s good to look at a venue from a functional view as well, does it have accessible bathrooms, capacity, food on site, beverages on site, staffed appropriately, suite for bridesmaids/groomsmen, parking, etc.


Is there anything you would have done differently in the planning process?

It’s super easy to go over your budget, I wish I would have made sub categories for my budget. Here is how much I have for cake, here is how much I have for a DJ.

What is your best memory from your wedding day?

My best memory from our wedding day was when the DJ gave my husband Jay the mic and he thanked all of our family and friends for coming. I remember standing next to him in front of everyone, thinking, “Wow, I just married that man” and feeling all of the moments of happiness that led up to this day hit me at all at once.


What’s the best part of being a newlywed?!

Getting a shorter last name, doubling the size of my family, traveling together and having Jay as my ‘forever date’ !


Wedding Vendor Love

Venue and Catering: Grand Tradition Estate

Photography: Jason Berry Photography

Hair: Beni Brambila

Wedding dress: Mia Bella Couture

Shoes: Designer Shoes Warehouse (DSW)

Photobooth: Pixter Photobooth

*Amanda, I am so happy for you. Thanks for taking this time to share your thoughts with my readers! I know that you and Jay will have a long and happy life together.*

With love,

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Planning a Winter Wedding

7-18-2017 5-30-31 PMIs it just me or is this year flying by??? For those of you brides who are planning to get married this winter, or you’re looking to do a winter wedding in 2018, this post is for you. (PS If you are planning a wedding that’s a year out, plan to score on some major discounts the week after Christmas this year so you can stock up on decor.)

“Winter” can be a really broad theme that can go in a variety of directions. Hone in on what you and your fiance like most about the season before you create the final theme. Is it the weather? The holiday spirit? The Christmas season? The hint of wintery blue in a color palette? Snowflakes?

Try not to forget it’s a wedding. While Christmas-themed weddings can be fantastic, having a Santa Claus impersonator show up might be a little overboard.

One easy way to make it feel seasonal is to think about the music! There are a lot of Christmas-themed albums that feel more modern than the classic renditions. Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson are some of my favorites. And songs like “Baby it’s cold outside” can add to the romance in the air.

If you expect that guests will be traveling in, make sure they know well in advance. Traveling this time of year can be more expensive and schedules fill up fast. Make attire really clear on the invite ahead of time if your guests are going to be outside for any period of time so they can show up prepared. And once they are there, keep your guests warm and comfortable. Offer cozy blankets, scarves or gloves if it’s going to be cold. And have a formal coat-check available since most guests will come inside with big jackets.

For your own style, don’t underestimate how gorgeous a faux-fur bridal jacket can be. Most bridal gown stores have them available but they can be a little pricey because they are created specifically with weddings in mind. Take advantage of the season and look for any clothing store that offers nice jackets or shawls. Make sure your bridal party is comfortable, too! The worst thing about outdoor winter photos are bridal party shots where the girls look freezing! You can add winter muffs on the girls side (instead of flowers) and give your groomsman cozy socks or scarves as gifts.

And my favorite part…tie it all together with warm food and drink. Set up a hot chocolate bar with different flavors and toppings. Have a signature hot coffee drink (with/without alcohol). Add sugar crystals on the rim of the drink or put a peppermint stick in place of a coffee stirrer. S’mores, anyone?

For more ideas, check out my Pinterest board called Winter Dream!

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