5 Manicures for the Bride

When it comes to how you’ll look on your wedding day, you will realize that it’s more than “just” the dress; it’s also the veil, shoes, jewelry, and any additional accessories you might wear with your dress. Another minor but important detail is what your nails will look like. The right nails can add just the right touch to top off your look.

Here are 5 ways you can do your manicure for the big day:

1. Classic french tip: You can’t go wrong with a French tip on either real or acrylic nails. They won’t steal the spotlight in photos but will look really classy in the close up photos.

2. Neutral: Light beige tones can be really pretty and an easy color to continue to wear for your honeymoon. The spectrum of tones is varied so you can pick the right one for you.

3. The color of your theme: Red? Yellow? Blue? Don’t be afraid to match your theme with your nail polish color. Try not to be too matchy-matchy but if done right, it can add a pop of color to your outfit.

4. Light pink: A subtle and feminine touch that looks good on all skin tones. It doesn’t matter the color of your dress or your bridal party outfits, the pink will be a nice complement.

5. Glitter: It’s your day to shine so don’t be afraid to add some glitter! If all nails are too much for you, add glitter to your ring finger.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s true to you and who you want to represent on your wedding day.

Having nice nails for the pre-wedding activities like the rehearsal dinner will make you feel special so make sure to get them done 1-3 days before the wedding. Plus, you won’t feel self conscious every time one someone grabs your hand to look at your ring!

With love,

Girl with a diamond ring

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