5 Mistakes Brides Make When Losing Weight For Their Wedding

7-18-2017 5-30-31 PMI recently got connected with bride to be, Corinne, and was quickly struck by her passion. I thought she had an interesting story and that she’d be able to share some helpful tips with you on a very popular topic: getting in shape for your wedding day—even in the midst of a global pandemic! (Tip #3 is key!)

“I know I am new here so let me introduce myself. I am Corinne, a Registered Dietitian, Virtual Nutrition Coach and fellow COVID Bride. I have been with my fiance for almost 10 years, we got engaged the day before Thanksgiving 2018 (he proposed to me with our house, but I’ll save that story for later). We were supposed to get married on March 28, 2020 except COVID-19 and the stay at home order happened the week before our date so we postponed until August 7, 2020, then finally postponed for the last time to March 6, 2021. (I swear if it doesn’t happen this time, we are eloping – does anyone else feel this way?!)

COVID-19 Bride to Be, Corinne GilardiAnywho, I help brides, just like, you slim down and feel confident for their wedding day and everyday after without dieting. Bride, I hear you talking to yourself saying, “what do you mean without dieting?! How do brides lose weight then?” I am here to tell you that you never have to diet again to reach and maintain your weight loss goals. 

Now to the good stuff. Here are the 5 mistakes I see brides, just like you, make when slimming down for your wedding day.

  1. You start working on your weight loss goals too late. I recommend to my bridal clients to start working on their wedding day weight loss goals at least 6-12 months before their wedding date. By starting this early, it makes sure that you actually reach your weight loss goals before your wedding dress alterations have to happen, which is usually 1-3 months before your wedding date. 
  2. You follow some strict fad diet or pay for meal replacement shakes because you think it will make it easy to lose weight. Those diets are really restrictive and low calorie, which is why you might see weight loss, but then you’ll plateau and not know what to try next. You will have low energy, increased stress and might start feeling hangry because you are not fueling your body. My brides all learn how to nourish their bodies with all foods for optimal energy (no hangryness allowed).
  3. You only work on eating less and exercising more. Those diets and meal plans you are doing do not focus on other areas of health, stress, sleep and mindset. If you continue to disregard all areas of health you will never learn to love yourself once you reach that number you’ve been wanting on the scale. You might think it’s the number you’re after but really it’s the feeling you are looking for. By not doing the internal work you are setting yourself up to fail.
  4. You try losing weight on your own and you give up. A recent graduate of my coaching program told me that she had hit an all time low before working with me. She was lost and confused because she tried every diet out there and nothing worked for her. She was about to give up on it all and continue to hate how she looked with little to no confidence in herself. Then she joined my program, gained the guidance that gave her a plan that was specific to her, support and accountability to keep pushing through the challenging days and she was able to completely transform her life. She is now buying smaller size clothes, has more confidence than she has ever had and is living a life she is obsessed with. I want this for you bride! You deserve this kind of life and feels!
  5. You are too prideful and feel guilty that you do not know how to lose weight on your own so you do not hire a coach. There is no shame or guilt in not knowing everything. It is impossible to be an expert in every area of your life. It is okay to ask for help when help is needed. If you’ve been considering hiring a coach to help you slim down for your wedding day or if you haven’t thought about it but are interested in learning more, this is your sign. Hire the coach. You will not regret it.

Bride, I want you to feel confident, sexy, beautiful, powerful, empowered, ready to take the next step in your relationship, filled with joy and feeling good in your skin on your wedding day. You deserve nothing less.

If you want more information about how you can reach your wedding day goals follow me on Instagram @corinnegilardi or join my free Facebook community “Bride Tribe Weight Loss with Corinne” to learn more and be supported on your journey.”

Thanks, Corinne! I know that my readers will love this blog as much as I did. And congrats (in advance) on your big day…I am crossing my fingers until next March for you! 

With love,

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Like the Parisians…

I just returned from a week in Paris with my family. We had a getaway and saw (and ate) everything. It was an incredible experience. It was my third time there but I was much younger so I saw it through new eyes.

I really connected to the fashion and the way that it laid the foundation of a beautiful and historic city. I stood next to the Yves Saint Laurent red wedding dress and was told about a 1.5 million euro wedding dress that resembled a waterfall. In Paris, people take fashion seriously, and it continues to blaze the trail for style around the world.

When it comes to your engagement and wedding season, there are a few opportunities that you will have to wear an outfit and I encourage you to put some thought into these purchases. You will have (at least) five key items that you will need to wear for your bachelorette, bridal shower, rehearsal, and then the actual big day from getting ready to walking down the aisle. It seems overwhelming but take your time to decide what to wear. Here’s what I recommend:

Once you get engaged, start keeping an eye out for these key outfits. You will likely start to daydream about your wedding and if you make these decisions earlier, you will have more space in your mind to make other key decisions closer to the big day.

And don’t feel like you have to fit into a particular style-box shared in wedding magazines or on tv shows. Whatever you decide to wear, it should feel: special and like an elevated version of yourself. It shouldn’t be something that you would wear any other day because these outfits can make you feel like this is a once in a lifetime event, and I think that’s important.

If you’re able to purchase an outfit for a special event, like a bridal shower, it’s great if you can wear it again. All of your outfits don’t need to be this way but if you can wear a white dress from a shower to a date night with your husband in the future, that can bring back your wedding day butterflies.

Take your style seriously, like the Parisians do, because it’s all much more than just a garment. Not only will these photos last a lifetime, but more importantly, your memories will.

With love,

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How to Protect Your Relationship During Wedding Planning 

7-18-2017 5-30-31 PMOne thing that catches many couples off-guard during the wedding planning process is the amount of strain that can be put on a relationship.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind on the road to I Do:

  • After you take time to celebrate your engagement together, have an initial conversation about the wedding. Talk about role clarity and what’s more important to your partner. Once you have that clarity, then it’s time to plan!
  • There are A LOT of decisions that will need to be made and it will probably highlight some “personality quirks.” Like is she Type A and he a procrastinator? Or is she more private and he the life of the party? This will all come into light when you decide the type of wedding you will throw for your guests. So don’t be afraid to compromise and just make sure that you’re both happy in the end.
  • Involve your family, friends or bridal party in the wedding process. If you’re careful with who you select, the right individuals can add a lot of value by providing another perspective and helping you to stay sane. It’s also helpful to use one of those people for any vent sessions when things go wrong, don’t trail on and on to your mate. There’s more important things that you’ll need to spend time discussing.
  • Don’t forget to go on date nights that don’t revolve around wedding planning! And if you get really stressed, take a weekend getaway or do a special activity that will bring you closer together. Create a safe place in your relationship so you both don’t get too consumed by all of the details because it just won’t be enjoyable.
  • One tip I recently heard from a real bride was to also create one day a week where you DON’T think about or do any work created to wedding planning. This is a great tip because it can help you stay balanced mentally and allow you to focus on other areas of life (which will make you more pleasant for everyone to be around!)
  • Most importantly, don’t lose sight of what you’re planning: the day that will unite you both together forever! Treat each other with respect during the planning process so can feel like you’re on the same team when you see each other at the end of the aisle.

Don’t forget that the real work starts once you’re married, when all of the parties have come and gone and it’s time to live life with your mate. (This is also when it gets really good!)

With love,

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The Second Guessing Bride

One of the most complex things about wedding planning are the amount of decisions that need to be made, both big and small. From the favors to the reception food, there are a ton of decisions that need to be made. And whether you have a long or a short engagement period, it’s always going to feel like there isn’t enough time to get everything done. Once your to-do list is checked off, you’ll likely think of more things to add to it!

With all of the decision-making, will likely come second guessing. Here are a few of my tips on key areas:

  • Wedding Dress This one catches a lot of brides by surprise. You’re in the store and you say “yes to the dress” and walk out on cloud 9. And then you start to question…is it the right style? Too formal? Right color? Too trendy? Will it be comfortable enough? Will it complement the venue? Don’t be caught off guard…this is NORMAL. I literally questioned my dress leading all of the way up to the big day. Some days I was positive that I had the most perfect dream dress, and then other times I found myself daydreaming about my “second choice.” The one thing that helped me was I actually didn’t “say yes” on the day I went dress shopping. I walked out with two top selections and was leaning towards one. When I woke up the next morning, I reviewed all of the photos that I took and thought long and hard, and ended up choosing the first dress that popped into my mind. My husband LOVED the dress and I wouldn’t have changed my mind, even if I had the opportunity.
    More reading: “What To Do If You Second Guess Your Wedding Dress” from Brides.
  • Wedding Registry This can be a really fun activity to focus on but the reality is that you will likely go back to your list and add/take away after you’ve already created it. Be smart with your choices and make sure you find the right compromise with your partner when selecting items that represent the both of you. Do select the”boring”/traditional things that you will need (and use every day), but don’t be afraid to add stand-out pieces like a piece of art that will mean a lot to you in your future home. And lastly, remember that you will likely receive quite a few gift cards (both to where you registered as well as other big-box stores.) The best thing about that is that you’ll have some left-over money to spend on things that you hadn’t already thought of before.
    More reading: “Wedding Bells: 10 Wedding Registry Tips From a Real Newlywed” from  guest blogger at Lauren Conrad.
  • Wedding Theme When you first select your theme, make sure it’s broad enough to have enough room to play around with. I recommend selecting both a theme, as well as a color scheme or decor…examples could be “Heaven on Earth, elegant glamour” or “Nautical Travel, blue and white” or “Classy Country, chic barnyard.” If you put it in too small of a box, it can be hard to add additional details when things come up. Allow the theme to evolve over time, too, since you’ll likely add to your decor along the way. No matter what, if you select a theme that represents you and your partner at time point in time, there’s no reason to feel like you wish you had a “do-over.”
    More reading: “How To Select Your Wedding Theme“, my blog from last week.
  • Party Guest List Face it, there are a lot of people in both of your lives, but the guest list can’t be limitless. Start with the most important people and then add to it. Have a discussion with the parents on both sides to find out what their top 1 and top 2 tier requests are, and then see if you can fit them in. It is important to ‘throw them a bone’ and invite Mom’s best friend or Dad’s pastor friend, because this is a family affair. Most importantly, ask yourself these three questions to help narrow it down, “Have ________ played an important role in mine/his life?” “Is this someone who will continue to be in our lives, after the wedding day?” “Will I regret if I don’t share this day with ___________ or have them in pictures?”
    More reading: “Tips for Making Your Wedding Guest List” from The Knot.

What’s most important? Trust your gut. And know that there are so many decisions that will need to be made, so it’s not going to benefit you to redo (and redo again) plans that are already put in place. It doesn’t matter HOW PERFECT your big day ends up being, you will likely still have things that you wish you did or didn’t do. And you know what? That’s normal. But, you then have a life as a wife to focus on so just keep moving forward!

With love,

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