Staying Close During Added Relationship Pressures

My husband and I had one of our biggest fights (ever) on Valentines Day on the year that we were engaged. It came as a surprise to me and was tied up into a ball of multiple complexities. We barely ever fight outside of tiffs here and there so this was a rare moment, especially on (what’s supposed to be) the most romantic time of the year.

While I wish the fight didn’t happen, it allowed us to move into the next stage of our commitment and reminded us of how important it is to treat each other with the utmost care. The argument wasn’t over any of the wedding details in particular, it was magnified because of the amount of pressure around us at the time. There were likely also some unspoken fears and nerves that were brewing under the surface about the upcoming changes.

The time of your engagement will likely come with a lot of stress and quick decisions to be made. You’ll both be working through your own individual emotions and stresses and they can come out in different ways at unique times. Stay close to one another and be open about how you’re feeling. Most importantly, start to take steps towards viewing life as a “we” instead of a “me.” By beginning to transition to this new mindset prior to your wedding day, it will set you both up for success in the long run.

Oh and the good news? All Valentines since have been wonderful! No fights here!

With love,

Girl with a Diamond Ring

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