Answers to Real Bride Questions: Wedding Registry

Real bride and GWADR blog reader, Kayla, asked:

Do you have any tips for creating a wedding registry for couples that already live together?

Great question, and congrats on your upcoming nuptials! We live in a new world where couples are able to challenge traditions to create their own, and this is becoming a more popular subject. So while many couples use a wedding registry to create their new home environment together typically from scratch, what happens if they already have a home together?

I did some research and have curated some of my favorite tips:

1. Upgrade what you already own and sign up for a traditional wedding registry like Macy’s, Wayfair or Crate & Barrel. Have your guests invest in new bedding or kitchen gadgets that you’ve never been able to afford. This gives your loved ones a chance to invest in your new life together and there’s no downside to getting a new comfy pillow or shiny blender! (And don’t forget a new vacuum or pet bed!)

2. Sign up for a specialty gift registry like Bottlenotes or Beer of the Month (if you like a glass of something special at dinner) or Seven Hopes United (if you want eco friendly gifts.)

3. Have guests chip in towards your honeymoon experiences through Honeyfund, The Honeymoon, and Wanderable. This is a time that you’ll really want to enjoy and it’d be nice to not feel like you’re having to penny pinch (especially after an expensive wedding!) You might also ask the hotel where you’re staying at ahead of time if guests are able to chip in for your on-site activities.

4. Foodies? Ask a few people to chip in with gift cards for monthly food services like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh or Sun Basket. This will allow you to have a few meals a week at home so you can have some quiet time together and get some good cooking practice in.

5. You can request gift cards to things like the local movie theater or your favorite restaurants through Card Avenue; they even have cards for Lowe’s and Whole Foods! There’s NOTHING wrong with this route but do give your guests some options. Some people won’t want to buy you a gift card so having a physical list is still nice to have.

6. Use a cross-company registry so you can curate items from multiple places. This will allow you to be more eclectic without making it confusing for your guests. Sites include Zola, Simpleregistry and CheckedTwice.

7. If you have something really specific in mind, it’s ok to ask a few people close to you for that one gift or two that would make you really happy. For example, you could ask for someone to buy you an annual Movie Pass (unlimited date nights!) or a gift card/Groupon voucher towards a local wine tour or spa service. You could also select a large gift for people to split like a home theater system, concert tickets or an expensive luggage set. These might be one offs that won’t make sense to share as a broader request of your guests, but could be really special for your life as newlyweds.

8. Don’t forget the more sensible options like Amazon or Walmart. These will allow you to select items from all across the board that can help you in your new life together, from grocery shopping trips to new tech toys like matching FitBits for both of you to wear!

Now register away and enjoy your upgraded home life with your new spouse. And thanks for your question, Kayla!

With love,

Girl with a Diamond Ring

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