How to Effectively Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning


I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon soon after the platform was created. The collections of images made sense to me, but I never used it as a traditional social medium (commenting, making friends etc.) After I created a few simple boards, I found that I just liked looking at all of the images. I would choose a specific category like fitness or quotes and just scroll. The variation of images and inspiration was always a nice break in the day to get my mind off of work, home, etc.

Confession time: When my then-boyfriend and I started getting serious and I knew he was “the one”, I created a PRIVATE wedding board. Just for myself! It was fun for me to start to envision what the special day would look like. (I didn’t tell him, of course, because he might have gotten freaked out!)

Pinterest is HUGE in the wedding industry and you hear things at weddings like “This is totally a Pinterest wedding!” (as a compliment.) So for you new brides, here are my tips on how to get the most out of Pinterest when planning your wedding.

  • Don’t be afraid to create multiple boards by category (i.e. wedding dress options and décor.)
  • Be selective on what you might want private and what you choose to make public. Having a private board made me feel more comfortable, and I was able to truly pin multiple things without feeling like a crazy person! It almost felt like a personal notebook or planning folder.
  • Invite your bridal party to your boards! This can really help them see your vision and it becomes a shared activity so they can pin things, too. This is also a great way to get bridesmaids involved who don’t live in the same area as you. (And bridesmaids, do your own private boards for things like bachelorette party and the bridal shower.)
  • Start by reviewing the pre-set wedding related category, and then try some different search terms. I found more things in “boho wedding ideas” and “shabby chic wedding” than anything else…and those weren’t even my wedding themes!
  • Pinterest is a great source for color inspiration! You can search for color palettes and see how real brides have put these into action, and you might even find some unique color combinations that you would have never selected yourself.
  • Don’t be afraid to save pins to click through to links. I think some people forget that most images are tied to a link (especially wedding ones) so it’s a great way to quickly find new blogs or product pages. I found some great wedding favor ideas and day-of tips that I could look through when I had time.
  • Be open! When I was planning my wedding, I would spend one day a week during my lunch break sitting in my car and looking at boards on my iPad. I would just scroll, pin, and research, and many things popped out as inspiration that I wouldn’t technically search for.
  • Most importantly, don’t feel like you have to use every piece of inspiration or that you need to replicate what some call “a Pinterest wedding.” Feel free to use it as a visual guide to work with your wedding planner (if you have one) and any wedding vendors (like photographers or even wedding stylist/dress shopping.) It’s almost like a vision board, where you know it won’t get it all to look exactly that way, but it can help you start to envision what your big day will be like.

Pinterest is just one modern wedding day tool and can add a lot of fun to your wedding research process. Make it a side activity to do in your down time, and enjoy!

With love,

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